10 Ways to Make Your Scones Even More Delicious!

10 Ways to Make Your Scones Even More Delicious!

Look for ways to make your scones even more delicious?

Here are 10 different Ideas!

1. Add Fresh Fruit: Fresh fruit can be added to the mix before baking or as a topping after baking.

2. Add chips: Chocolate chips, cinnamon chips, coconut chips, toffee chips. There are so many different types of chips that can be added to our scone mix!

3. Add Jam or Curd: Jams and Curds are a great way to add some different flavor combinations for your scones. Try making our fresh blueberry sauce or pineapple jam

4. Add Cream: Fresh cream, clotted cream, or even whipped cream is a favorite among many people for scones! Cream can be added with or without fresh jam or fruit as well.

5. Add Nuts: Some people love to add nuts to their scones. While we do not sell any flavors with nuts, many customers add almonds or pecans to their mix or on top of their scones.

6. Add Icing: check out our recipes for a simple icing that will add tons of fun and flavor to your scones

7. Add Sprinkles: while sprinkles may not change the taste of your scones that much, sprinkle make us happy and think they taste better

8. Add syrup: You can add a bit of maple, chocolate, strawberry or other flavor syrup to the top of your scones to give them a little more flavor explosion.

9. Add Savory: Adding bacon, cheese, chives, or other savory bits to scones can completely change them to savory scones. We suggest using Original scones or our Cheddar and Chive scones as a base for Savory scones (more savory options coming soon)

10. Make new recipes: we are constantly coming up with fun recipes like our S'mores scones or Sweet Orange Scones to change it up


What other things are you adding to your scones for more fun and flavor?


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